Unlimited Everything

By saying unlimited, we truly meant it. Create unlimited forms, collect unlimited submissions, put any number of forms and/or show any number of trends in a page. There is really no limits. Unless of course you impose some.

Custom Layout

With our state of the art form builder, you have complete control over the layout of your form. Mix up any elements you want, in any order you want. Add any number of tabs or pages and put any number of elements inside them.

25 Retina Themes

We've given 25 jQuery UI themes to start with. We've tailored all the basic jQuery UI themes with cutting edge CSS3 & font icons to help you create amazing looking forms all by yourself. Go check them out now! Also as a bonus, we have included a fresh new theme.

Notification Emails

When someone submits a form, you can control what notification the user will get. You can even attach the submission data to the email. The same option is also available for administrators who wish to get notification emails upon submission.

Tight Security

With both server side and client side validations, security, on itself is almost unbreakable (We are being modest here). You can put captchas to provide additional securities, where they will be presented with a Math Challenge.

AJAX Submission

The form submissions are powered by AJAX technology. Which means, no redirection or extra load on your server. The application will even detect any network failure on both client side and server side and will notify the user if necessary.

User Management

FSQM Pro automatically integrates with your WordPress users. If a logged in user is giving a survey, then First Name, Last Name and/or email fields will be populated automatically. The submission will also get linked to the user account.


As an administrator you have complete control over any submissions. You can edit them, delete them, mark them star or almost do what-so-ever you want. You can even get a quick preview with just the form data in a printable format.

Report & Analysis

Want to run an analyzable survey? With our powerful analytics tool it has never been easier. Let your users submit their thoughts and you can generate reports sitting right at the admin center. Generate Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Column Chart or even Detailed Tabular Data in a breeze.